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Welcome to a completely different way of looking at how our universe works.

Over 400 years ago, we were told by Newton that we live in a Gravity–Momentum universe and he proved it with his famous laws. And since then until recently, we were quite happy to believe that is the universe we live in……  The discovery that there is much more gravity in galaxies than can be accounted for by visible was first mooted as early as 1922.  This was slowly reinforced and finally proven by the 1970’s.  It was a wake up call that something does not add up…..     So Dark Matter was invented to account for the missing mass.  The revolution began and it rolls on with increasing momentum.

And then came the Hubble telescope which which enabled the discovery that that there is another force in the universe which is overriding gravity and is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe.   So Dark Energy was invented as, like Dark Matter it is invisible and unlike Dark Matter does not exert gravitational force yet it is so powerful that it is causing the acceleration of the expansion of the universe.  This is profound stuff.  And the result is that the gravity-momentum universe of Einstein and Newton is gone forever.  We now have to come to terms with the new universe, the one we now live in, which is the Gravity–Propulsion universe.  This profound discovery shows us that the total of propulsive force (Dark Energy) in the universe exceeds the total of gravitational force. The repercussions are just beginning.

I was 18 years old when I fell out with mainstream science.  At that time (1956) the idea of  Dark Matter was being be taken seriously.  Dark Energy had not become a possibility because the Hubble telescope was decades away.  My problem then and ever since has been a fundamental disagreement with Newton and Einstein.  I was sure then and have become more certain over time that I was right about how the universe works.  In my universe and in my solar system, I needed a force to counteract the force of gravity to stop the sun from sucking the planets into it.  Momentum did not and never has fitted the bill.  What I needed to make my universe work was a propulsive force to counteract gravitational force.  My EUREKA moment came when Dark Energy was discovered.  THAT is the propulsive force that I needed to make my universe work.

My theory shows that we live in a universe that works like a machine and I know how machines work.  It is straight forward and has no need of QUINTESCENCE or the COSMOLOGICAL CONSTANT.   I also explain away the recently postulated Dark Matter Halo Anomaly and I demonstrate that this invention is not credible.  I show that Dark Matter is not dark and that there is a very good and simple mechanical explanation for the fact that stars in the outer reaches of galaxies counter intuitively, can and do travel at much greater speeds than those in the inner galaxy.  And I explain why baryonic matter which is mostly visible is all that is needed for a galaxy or solar system machine to work. 

What some cosmologists will like about my gravity–propulsion theory is that it works very well within the original Big Bang hypothesis, namely that the total mass energy in the universe has remained constant from the moment of the big Bang.  To make the gravity–propulsion universe work, there is no need of additional energy being pumped into our universe.  It works perfectly well without any additional energy input.

My laws have no need of any additional input of energy, cosmological constant or quintescence to make the universe work. 

Mainstream science with hundreds of millions of ££ to spend and virtually unlimited computing power plus the best brains to dwell on it has failed to unravel the mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.  Big, expensive experiments are well over 20 years down the line and they are no nearer to solving the problem.  

So surely it is time to look around at the possibility that their universe is obsolete and requires a rethink

Has anybody wondered whether dark energy and dark matter are somehow fundamentally intertwined as they are both found together everywhere.  Or are they considered to be two entirely separate issues to resolve?  Wouldn't it be a nice tidy situation if it ends up that they are fundamentally linked.

Why does there appear to be much more gravity on the edges of galaxies than there should be because the stars are moving faster than they should.  I wonder if there is another reason besides a huge blanket halo of gravitational Dark Matter?   Is there some logic in the fact that some galaxies spiral arms are leading edges and not trailing edges?

I have derived some fundamental laws based on my observations which seem to work in the universe which I am suggesting is the one we live in.  They require no magic, caveats or constants.  I am proposing that the universe of Newton and Einstein is severely flawed and cannot be repaired.  The problem with both is that they are missing a dimension.  Their theories work within their 2 dimensional universe of momentum and gravity but evidence has it that there is a 3rd dimension which they ignored as have everybody else since.  And this is because in the main their universe worked quite well within their theories until now. 

Read this analysis of how Einstein's theories stack up and the explanations that are being mooted to patch over the crevasses:     http://www.eso.org/~bleibund/papers/EPN/epn.html      Quote: Conclusion: 'The opinions of cosmologists currently range from visions of ?precision cosmology? to worries about the fact that we have to add new constituents to the universe for which we have currently no explanation at all.  This is not necessarily a contradiction (mm.. well yes it is).  Observers have been furnished with tools over the last decade, which allow them to probe many of the cosmological questions in much more detail and with much higher precision.  On the other hand, these new results have shown that our picture of the universe was (is) incomplete (wrong) and will need further scrutiny'

The first question I wish to tackle is the nature of Dark Energy. So I am starting with The Accelerating Expanding Universe  This is because it is postulated by mainstream science that somehow the universe is not only expanding but that the expansion is accelerating.  Neither Newton's nor Einstein's physics can deal with that phenomenon satisfactorily unless a magical constant is introduced.  In a gravity-propulsion universe matter does not require any caveats. It simply works like any rotating machine does

If you find that by the end of this presentation that I have challenged your thinking or I have made you curious to know more or you find that what I am saying makes sense then you will have to rethink what we know about matter.  

Enjoy my presentation